Iraq: The Darndest Things

One of the care packages we got out here contained a stack of letters from kids.  They’re usually crate paper creations, crayons and crude cursive signs of support.  Most are addressed to “Dear army” or “Dear: soldier.”

A few of my favorites:

“Dear American Hero, you probably think these cards are cliché (accentuation hers), that our teachers make us do these. For some kids- you’re right. For me- you’re incorrect. You’re keeping me safe and I thank you for that. I am a peaceful person, anti-war, but I appreciate what you do, and respect your ideas and decisions. Happy Holidays. – Lillie”
Please note that precious, precocious Lillie dotted her i’s with peace signs.

Connor simply drew an American flag with three stripes above what I assume is supposed to be an eagle.  Kyle hopes that I “win against Iraq.” Perhaps the vagaries of our mission over here are lost on that one.  Another card only suggests “win in Iraq” in neat cursive, surrounded by the outline of a tank with two people sitting on it, and underlining the message “pieace.”  Kaile offered her enthusiastic support: “HOPE YOUR SIDE WINS!”

There are a lot of poorly drawn flags, some attempts at sarcasm that are noted then immediately retracted, and various tidbits of personal information: “I have a lot of friends.” “I like baseball.” “This is a picture of me catching a shark in Florida.”

Ahh youth.

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